We Treat Our Clients and Employees like Our family




“I like to be able to schedule my
own attendants and have the same attendants for every visit”.

-L. Reeves client since 2012




“I like having the ability to
adjust my schedule to meet my needs”.

-R. James Client since 2012

I have been very Impressed and pleased with not only my caregiver but the agency as a whole. Prompt, couteous and caring always in their response to a question or concern. 


I have a 37 year, multi-handicapped daughter. Her name is Becky. She cannot talk, hear, walk or advocate for herself....but, she can feed her chickens everyday with great care, makes them take turns and wait for thier food to be given to them. SHe lets her neices paint her nails and holds her hands perfectly still, not so when I try. She has been present for every birthday party, holiday dinner, barbeque and family get together for the last 6 years and without having to be signed out or given permission. Necky can rest in her room when she wants without being driven somewhere. 

Becky goes shopping at the store with her own basket and money. She helps with dinner and cleaning and laughs all the time. She is also very spoiled by familt and friends whar are in and out of the house. It is only because of the IHSS waiver that Becky is allowed this life to live, where she is allowed to be......home.

                                                                   -H. Lefler

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